Entrance Units |

Here at Desboro Doors; we build Entrance Systems that are beautifully crafted and designed to last. We are constantly developing new ways to improve the quality and durability of our doors. We have developed several features that keep our doors solid and stable for many years.

The tennons in our doors are extra-long to keep the joints tight while the panel groves are drained to protect the door from rot. All tennons and glue joints are glued with high quality polyurethane glue or "Titebond III Waterproof Glue". For this reason, moisture will not deteriorate the glue and cause the door to come apart. In addition, we have triple layered panels that consist of an inside panel and an outside panel, separated by a layer of insulation. This not only increases the insulation value of the doors, but more importantly, the inside and outside layer can expand and contract separately. This feature reduces the possibility of a panel splitting. Furthermore, the stiles are laminated which nearly eliminates warping or twisting of the door due to a difference in humidity between the inside and the outside of the door. In addition to durability, our doors are beautiful. We take special care to give the doors a fine finish.

We select wood for quality. Grain and color are matched and defects are removed. Once the construction of the door is completed to our satisfaction, the finishing touch is an optional multi-step hand applied finish. With our masterpiece completed, it is ready for either you to install or have our installation team professionally install it for you. With the combination of durability and beauty, we exceed expectations and earn the repeat business of many homeowners and contractors. We hope you will be our next satisfied customer!